Nude Figures

A passion for fitness around 2007, led to my qualifications in the Personal Training business and a vast and continual thirst for knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

For me, energy is fundamental to life: is life. When expressing my knowledge I also aim to express this energy and thereby hope that the viewer can not only see but 'feel' the intention, the movement or potential movement.

Obviously with sculpture one can physically lay a hand on the work. However it is not the tactile sense of touch I refer to, albeit a pleasure of sculpture, but the sense of intuition. Purely by looking at the piece one knows what that life force is doing: stretching a head back wanting to see beyond, curling up with a sense of despondency or sitting with relaxed shoulders content. Expression of the human mind through its body.

Moulding clay or wax with one's hands to produce twisting, stretching, 'moving' sculpture is an absolute pleasure for me, one where I find the concept of time becomes lost in the ether.

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